Monday, May 14, 2007



They called this morning around 10:30 without warning and wanted to cut the tree down. They were willing to do it for my price, so I told them to come on over. It must have been a slow day. Of course, I had to scramble to verify their insurance coverages and cancel all my original plans (though I did leave to run some errands).

When I got to the house, they had already started. I got to see the very top come out, but I couldn't get to the house to get the camera in time.

The sequence below is the tree coming down in sections (gotta make sure they don't take out any houses, power lines, or my '68 Dodge).
Some action...
Some more action... Almost needless to say, this really f'ed up the neighbor's yard.
Here they are, cutting it into sections for me. Too bad they missed some of the smaller stuff. I was not really happy about that. I caught them before they left and asked if they were going to do that too. The owner of the company said "no." I guess I won't be making any recommendations.
Here it is, all cut up. Now my work started. The dead top part totally shattered when it hit the ground sending hundreds of thousands of twigs all across my neighbor's manicured lawn. He, as usual, was cool with all of it, and so I started the pick up / clean up / big move.
I guess I'm gonna just run the sequence of the front getting cleaner, and the pile up of logs in back as two separate things.
Last one that was round enough to roll up hill to the back yard. Look at the size of that thing; it is as big around as the trash can is tall.
All gone (not really).
I moved some of the logs and cleaned up the grass as best I could.
Now for the back yard filling up.
Now the driveway filling up. I really wanted to get as much off the grass as soon as possible to minimize the damage (never mind the foot deep hole where the log hit the ground on its way down).
All of the oblong parts are lined up along the end of the concrete. I guess I'll have to use the splitter in front first, then move to the back. Plus that huge pile will have to be cut up.
The odd ball parts on top were small enough I could carry them to the back yard. So that's what I did.
As done as things are gonna be until I get a chain saw and a wood splitter.

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