Friday, December 31, 2004


Two Years

I had a dream last night that Tiffany was still alive. In my dream she had cancer and only had two more years to live. I would love to still have her around but, thank God, she didn't die that way.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004



I am looking forward to my next full day where I don't cry. It is likely to be a long time coming.



My only regret for you is that you lacked satisfaction with your own wonderful life.

We all cared deeply for you and you will be missed with all our hearts.

Peachtree City woman dies after car crash


A 26-year-old Peachtree City woman who was critically injured in a head-on collision Thursday morning died Sunday after she was taken off life-support, police said.

Tiffany Kay Haugli, of 818 Bedford Park, the driver of a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse, was traveling north on Ga. Highway 74 near Gardner Park about 8:30 a.m. when she traveled off the road while attempting to negotiate a curve, according to Peachtree City police reports. Haugli overcorrected, forcing her vehicle to spin out of control.

Haugli’s car collided head-on with a 1984 Chevrolet C-10 pickup truck driven by Richard Howard Jr., 31, of 7563 Cove Road, Woodbury. The accident occurred in an area under construction, which has become a hotbed for motor vehicle crashes, police officials say. Thursday’s accident, which led to a fatality, was the second such incident of the week in Fayette County.

Haughi received severe head and chest injuries in the crash and had been in a coma in the Atlanta Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit, her grandmother Lucretia Bolle said Friday.

Howard also was injured. He was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital; however, his injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, according to initial police reports.

Haugli, a former Menomonie, Wis., resident, was a Purdue University alumna who graduated with a 4.0 grade point average. She was an electrical engineer for Panasonic in Peachtree City. She also was an avid runner who competed in Women’s Open Division’s Peachtree Road Race 10K July 4. She completed the race in 56 minutes and 39 seconds. She also volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity in Indiana, Haugli’s grandmother confirmed.

Funeral arrangements will be handled by Parrott Funeral Home in Fairburn.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Happy happy happy happy

I've owned a 1970 Dodge Superbee for a few years now. The car is a "basket case." In gear-head terms, this means I brought the car home totally disassembled in baskets and cardboard boxes. I have not been able to do much work to the car because it costs large sums of money, something I've never really had access too. Nevertheless, I’ve worked on the car bit by bit by bit by bit. I'm now to the part where I need to start in on the body work.

Bodywork is very expensive. Total body restoration shops want $20,000 - $30,000 just to straighten out the metal, prep, and paint the car. I've been in a situation where I can't pay this type of money, don't know how to do the work myself, but don't want to sacrifice the quality of the finished product for a quick-fix and cheap paint job.

One of the owners of the company I work for has lots of experience doing restoration bodywork and wants to help me for free! He access to materials, a shop, tools, and other people with several years of experience. I am extremely excited about this. I am going over to his shop today to take some of the body panels over there so we can begin work.

One step closer.

Thursday, December 09, 2004



I own a 2002 Monte Carlo. The same car that had the problem with the dash lights. I've known water has been getting into the car but didn't realize how bad. Today it rained like hell. I checked out the car and it had standing water on the passanger side floor board. This is not good.

I have no idea from where the water is able to get into the car. There are vents that allow fresh air into the air box of the heating and cooling system but this should have pured down the front of the floor board and I would guess soak each side equally. The water isn't coming up from the bottom when I drive becasue the car has been sitting for days and was still soaked today. It isn't coming in around the glass or the glass would have water marks. Maybe it is sliding down the outside of the glass, pooling in the bottom of the door, then flooding in around the door trim. I just don't know.

Friday, December 03, 2004


Nasty Polluters

Down with polluters.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Totally Unsatisfied

So a guy almost ran me off the road today. One of the worst “near misses” I have ever experienced (which says much since I have also experienced a few hits). So I followed the guy to see what his hurry was. I was hoping he would go to his house so I could see where he lived. Or if he were in a rush to get to the bar or the strip club that would be okay. But he wasn’t in a rush to get to the bar or the strip club. I followed him for 30 miles and his destination was … are you ready for this … an ATM. God forbid the ATM run out of money or something. I had to confront him.

I thought about letting the whole thing go. The longer I followed him, however, the madder I got. This guy cut in front of me off of a ramp but never in 30 miles did he let one individual merge. He rode the ass of the person in front of him. To top it off, he only got out of the far left lane a few hundred yards before his exit.

I pulled in front of him at the ATM so that he couldn’t pull forward. Then the yelling started. I wanted to know why he was in such a rush to get to a 24 hour ATM and how a blind person that couldn’t read “yield” signs got a drivers license. He had no defense but tried one anyway. Then he threatened me. Totally funny having a fat, bald, over-the-hill redneck try to threaten me. So I started to get out of the van (thought about grabbing a drywall knife first – picture the mouth of a barracuda). He starts to back out of the ATM. Then I laughed and got back in my van. He was all talk and no action once he thought his ass was in real trouble but he sure didn’t have a second thought when swerving a 2 ton piece of metal across the interstate.

This incident, unfortunately, was completely unsatisfying. I was hoping I would feel better about informing an ignorant individual of their errant ways. I guess if I would have stepped out of the van with a .45 he would have been more apologetic or would have backed up faster. I’m not sure though but I don’t think I’ll be happy until I get to tie one of these fuckers naked to a tree, stab them in the leg with a screw driver, and leave a note duct taped to their penis explaining their ignorance to the first person that finds them.

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