Thursday, April 23, 2009



The adviser must have just been having a bad day.

I talked to her the next day about some of the things she'd said before and we were able to sort a few items out. It wasn't exactly the most fun conversation I've ever had, but it was necessary. It wasn't mean or anything, but it wasn't exactly fun to tell my adviser, "an unfunded 6th year does not work for me financially and I won't be able to do an unfunded 6th year." So we talked about the kinds of options that are out there.

We then talked about my proposal. According to her, I have about 2.5 dissertation proposals written. There will be much trimming and firming up of ideas over the next couple of months, but overall, I have several avenues I can travel. I think I've got the one I want to take picked out. The other projects will make for great future research. So, not all bad actually, but much more thinking and working to do before I really have a proposal.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



No, not graduated, just done.

It might be time to start looking for a new job.

I had a meeting with my adviser yesterday and she'd regressed a couple of months from the feeling of it. She was talking again about whether or not she should be my adviser. She appeared to ignore specific items I'd mentioned about the proposal I'd given her. Additionally, she had questions about what I was talking about in the proposal that indicated she had not actually read the document.

She then started talking about how I might have to go into my 6th year. That entire discussion felt like she was setting things up so that even if I wanted to work really, really hard and make a big push to finish in 5, it wouldn't matter because she wasn't going to hold up her end.

There were parts of the discussion that went well. She does want to see the next couple of sections I've written. Plus, once reminded of some of the things I'd mentioned earlier, she appeared to better understand why I'd done what I'd done. It might turn out okay yet.

The entire thing just left a really bad taste in my mouth. She can't even pronounce the work "veridical" and that seems problematic since she has a background in psychology. She couldn't pronounce it, didn't know what it meant, and that's not good because all of our self-report measurement systems rely on veridical perception.

I don't know what I'd do if I left ABD, but it is time to start giving that some serious consideration.

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