Thursday, August 24, 2006


The day my Apple became a Dell with Windows

I really like my Mac. I've enjoyed using it.

Today, however, I'm pissed.

Sony made batteries for laptops utilizing a faulty process that may end up generating a fire in the final application.

They made these batteries for Dell, who subsequently recalled the batteries. Now, Apple has announced they've used some of the same batteries.

I know my G4 Mac shares quite a bit in common with the PC in terms of hardware these days. Its generally been a good thing since it helps keep costs down. The RAM for my laptop is the same cheap 'ole RAM you can buy for a PC. Same goes for hard drives. And with USB I can pretty much use any peripheral on the market: just like a PC.

My problem is that Apple has known for quite some time that they had an issue with these batteries since they announced the fire hazard along with the general recall. On their site it says I should quit using the battery immediately. So, they've known about it for a while and they've also delayed their announcement more than a week from Dell's announcement. In other words, THEY'VE HAD TIME TO PREPARE FOR THE RECALL!!

If they've had time to prepare for the recall, then why doesn't their site work? Why can't I just use the site to return my battery? Sure, I'm supposed to be able to, but it isn't working.

They also have a phone number to call with a special menu option, "press 5 if your laptop may become a flaming ball." For the first dozen times I tried the "press 5" option I was either disconnected or got a busy signal. I finally got through and waited in the cue for 30 minutes for them to tell me that the system is overloaded and they can't put in the information either.

Nice job Apple. Reminds me of the days when I cussed at Windows every day.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Listen to the sound of defeat in your voice. Might have something to do with the fact that I've been defeated.

My 13 year old Sony STR-D790's left channel bit the dust today. I don't know how or why, but it makes me really sad. I've had this amp since high school. I worked really hard and saved up my pennies to buy this amp and a set of speakers that I, customarily (as would be expected from a 16 year old), blew up.

This poor amp is well traveled. It started out in Corydon, In. Then it moved to Terre Haute, In, and back to Corydon. Then back to Terre Haute, then a move to Reston, Va, and back to Terre Haute. It then spent quite a bit of time in Middletown, Ct by itself, moved to Arcadia, In, then back to Terre Haute. The amp then made its way to Georgia where it spent time in Dawsonville, then on the north side of Atlanta near Sandy Springs, and met its end in Decatur. This amp was moved frequently, was heavily used, and often abused. It is a dear friend and will be missed.

As things go, about 20 minutes after I bought this amp in high school, I wanted something different. A friend has always owned Onkyo receivers and they sound great. I was always blowing tweeters and sometimes woofers with my Sony, but my friends never had the same tweeter crushing clipping issues with their Onkyo's as what I had with my Sony. But the Sony was what I could afford.

Sadly, on this random Wednesday, my Sony died at half volume. I wasn't even cranking it. I wish it were to have died in a blaze of glory, cranking out Tool, rather than in the whimper of dance/beat music at mid-level volume from an XM channel routed to us via DirecTV.

I've really wanted a new amp for about 12 years and 11 months, but things had become worse in the last year or so. I purchased an HDTV with tons of capabilities last year, my 7 year old DVD player has 5.1 surround sound, and now the DirecTV box supports 5.1, and I could use none of these features. But today ... today, with Palila's approval, I ordered an Onkyo TX-SR703. I swore I wouldn't buy a new amp unless it had 100w/ch. Now we'll have 100w/ch. It has all kinds of nice new features that will allow us to take advantage of some of the other equipment that uses component video, 5.1 surround, HDMI, and ... well ... 100w/ch.

STR-D790, you should never fear. You will go in a box and into basement storage. Someday, when I have money and a real job, I will pull you out of that box, send you to be repaired, and then use you in a basement or a garage. You will crank again my friend, you will crank again.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I need an updated

Nothing real big going on, but the 'ole blog here needed an update.

Palila has been working extra special hard on the house. She's been hanging curtains and working long hours by herself to get the dining room done (which is looking great).

This week (actually started last Friday) is the Academy of Management's annual conference. This year it is in Atlanta. I like that it is in Atlanta, because if it would have been somewhere else, as a blooming 2nd year I would not have been able to go (no money for us). But it is here and now I get to spend the majority of a week dressed up, listening to people speak, trying to speak with people, and making sure I don't look like an ass clown in front of everyone.

In electronics news: The B&O quit again. It is at the repair shop. They said it would be about 2 weeks before they would even have a chance to look at it. I also purchased an APC UPS. The UPS has power conditioning, surge protection (for power and phone), and looks like it might run our computers for about a half hour (possibly more if both machines are asleep or nearly asleep). We've had quite a few storms here. I also go to see my cousin's computer this weekend, which must be a lightning magnet (2 mother boards, 2 modems, and finally so dead no one will fix it). I think we made a good decision.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006



It has been over a year and a half since Tiffany was killed in a car accident. I miss her so much sometimes it is debilitating.

For instance, I pretty much can't listen to DMB or anything with the lead singer from Match Box 20 without thinking of her. There's all the really bad road construction here in Georgia. Like today, near my house, they're putting in new sidewalks and for a long distance the road is down to one lane, but there's only one guy running a slow/stop pole. You can't even see him from the other end. The road construction down here just amazes me.

Then there's things like the scull hanging in the Barnes & Nobel bookstore at Georgia Tech. The B&N is in my building. I go down there often to get drinks from the snack area or to visit the co-located Starbucks.

Scull Top

Scull Bottom

Yeah, I never saw her row, but I sure saw plenty of pictures and heard plenty of stories. Plus, she was my running partner for so long. Granted, I have too much school stuff going on to go running more often than not, but it is sometimes really hard to get out there and do it because I think about running with her.

I know she'd be really happy for me, all the things I've done, all the things I'm doing, and where I am in life right now. But ...

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