Thursday, January 22, 2009



The dissertation proposal total length is now up to 25 pages. :-D

Time to celebrate by doing more research. :-(

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Dekalb County Police pulling over people for nothing!

I was pulled over today on Chamblee-Tucker Rd. I saw a police car pulling someone over going the other direction. Dekalb County police rarely pull people over unless it is a speed trap. I looked at my speedo and I was doing the speedlimit: no worries.

As I go through a light at Chamblee-Tucker Rd and Shallowford Rd I look up in my rearview mirror and see the blue lights. As I look forward again, there is a truck pulling into a business in front of me, I make it by him safely and turn into the next business entrance with the officer on my butt.

The officer walks up to my car:

Officer: Where were you headed in such a hurry today?

Me: I wasn't in a hurry. I was going 45mph. The speed limit on Chamblee-Tucker is 45mph. It is 45mph isn't it?

Officer: (after not answering my question) Did you see that vehicle you almost hit?

Me: You mean the truck? Yes, I saw the truck. I looked up in my rearview mirror as I went through the light, saw blue lights, looked forward again, and there was a truck turning into a business. I didn't almost hit him. You were already pulling me over by then. Why did you pull me over?

Officer: (after not answering my question) I need to see your license and registration.

Me: I'm still curious as to why you pulled me over.

Officer: I need to see your license and registration.

Me: Okay, but I am still very confused.

Officer walks away, gets in his car, comes back a couple of minutes later and hands me my stuff.

Officer: Have a nice day.


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