Saturday, July 25, 2009


Partly disassembled a turbo today

Started taking apart my turbo that I plan on rebuilding. There is next to no slop in this thing but it is 23 years old and will be coming apart regardless.

Both wheels look to be in great shape with no indication that either side ever ate anything.

A look at the amount of meat in the outlet of the compressor cover. I hope to taper this so the lip is less than an 1/8" rather than over a 1/4"

And just for fun, a shot of a 2.25" vs a 2.5" SV that'll be going on. That looks like more than just a quarter of an inch.

This thing was just about completely rusted together. I tried using heat (oxy map) and PB Blaster but it just couldn't cut it. Many of the heads of the bolts connecting the exhaust housing to the center section were nearly round. Getting this SOB apart was not exactly fun.

Looks like I made myself a .48 housing to practice my porting skills.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Portland Brewpubs

Rogue is the one most beer drinkers will have heard of. Deschutes is not.

Rogue beer list was long but after trying three I only had 1 I liked and it was not the right time of year for it. The waitress was an idiot that didn't know about beer. The inside of the ale house (we ate outside) smelled like stale beer poured on the floor (aka. fraternity smell). The only good thing was the beer and cheese plate. We didn't go back. Admittedly, this was Rogues ale house and not their actual brewery. We may go there in a few days when we're in Newport.

Deschutes had a long beer list as well but, unlike Rogue, I never tasted anything I didn't like. Alex found a beer she loved too. We ate at this place for lunch and came back for dinner. Everything we tried, beer and food, was fantastic. The waitress still couldn't answer my question but she had much more a clue than the one at Rogue. This was also not the main brewery for Deschutes but they do brew some of their beers at this location.

Moral of the story: Rogue sucks, Deschutes FTMFW!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Don't count 'em before they are hatched.

There's a strong possibility that I'm getting married today. Sounds good.

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