Friday, November 14, 2008


Quit Pimpin'

Dennis Leary and Mike Rowe ......

I like both of you when you are doing your own stuff. Your own material is brilliant. I still can't take NyQuil without thinking about my potential plans for the upcoming day. But when you are pimping Ford products I hate you. At least Mike kind of makes fun of what he pimps for Ford on his show for the Discover Channel. But Dennis, the "cargo box" on a truck is and has been called a "bed" for longer than both of us have been alive ... put together. So quit, just f'ing quit. I don't care what they pay you. Ford trucks suck.

Oh, and Dennis (and Mike before you cash that check) if you need in the "cargo box" of your truck I would recommend using either the tail gate (if it is down -- and you can raise or lower it as you need), the rear bumper (difficult to use if the tail gate is down) or one of the rear tires. Believe it or not, if you lift your leg, you can step on the tail gate, rear bumper, or rear tire and get into the bed ("cargo box" if you please) with little difficulty. You don't need some cheap step.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Oh, My Back!

I have no idea what I've done to my back. The past few weeks it has really hurt. Then last weekend it hurt so bad that at times I thought I wouldn't be able to walk. But I had a bunch of work to get done, so I kept on working (ex. cleaning out the chimney, working on my car, etc.).

I was doing a number of things to try to help the pain go away. I was doing yoga on the Wii Fit and also taking anti-inflammatory drugs. It seemed to help out a little bit. But then Wednesday I put a sock on the drying rack, twisted the wrong way, and the pain came back in full force plus some more.

The Georgia Tech Health Center has on-line appointment scheduling. I looked up the schedule for Thursday and they had a slot. I went in, they checked me over, and were pretty sure I just had a muscle strain. So they gave me some stronger anti-inflammatory drugs and a muscle relaxer. I was happy because I thought this was surely going to take care of it.

Friday was the worst day yet for the pain. Teaching my class was easy because all I did was show a video for a group project I have my students working on. My class is over at noon and I had a meeting scheduled with my adviser for sometime after 4pm. I needed to go get lunch so I called in an order to Tin Drum so I could pick it up, bring it back to the management building, and eat with some friends who always bring their lunches. The half of a block walk was just about more than I could take.

I stayed at school to eat my lunch and then went to my office to try to waste three hours (aka. research) until my adviser showed up. But I couldn't take the pain. I tried laying on the floor and almost couldn't get up. I decided to drive back over to the Health Center. They fit me right in without an appointment and prescribed me something even stronger for the pain. Now I thought this thing was licked.

Saturday was not very much fun. I sat in hard chairs to try to help my back and have been sleeping on the floor in my sleeping bag. Nothing has seemed to help at all. Then Saturday night was the worst of the worst. I had been laying on the floor for a while because I had gotten tired of sitting in a hard chair. When I tried to get up it was very difficult and painful. I managed to get all the way up and then sat right down in a chair. The only way I could make the pain go away was to hold myself up off the chair using the arm rests. Alex went and got my stronger drugs and a glass of water for me. After about a half hour, when the drugs started to kick in, I could finally sit comfortably.

Today isn't looking too good at this point. It hurt so bad to stand this morning that I had to sit down to pee. I took some more pain killers and muscle relaxers and managed to sleep for about another three hours. Nothing seems to be helping at all. This just has to go away because I really have too much to get done. And what makes it even worse is that it is difficult even to kiss my fiancee because leaning forward and whatnot makes my back tense up and hurt. This really sucks.

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